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American Tree Provides Services to Leading Metro Area Business and Commercial Entities

American Tree has been providing tree and shrub care for the Denver Metro Area and beyond for over 15 years.

In addition to thousands of residential properties we continually service from year to year, we have established ourselves among commercial clientele and property manages as a trustworthy and professional partners in maintaining the landscaping and tree care of their properties.

We are proud of our continual relationships with:


Ball Aerospace

City of Denver

MSI Property Management 

U.S. Forest Service

Colorado State University

American Tree offers our commercial clientele a variety of services, guaranteeing quick and professional response. We work with commercial clientele on their level and offer comprehensive fall and spring property evaluations in order to stay on top of the properties needs before there is an emergency.

American Tree works with a list of top names in specific industries to bring a span of different services for year round landscaping care. This allows properties managers to contact us directly for a variety of services that may be needed on any property. We specialize in providing services to meet your needs taking into account multiple locations, service hours of your business, remote locations, safety and professionalism.


Maintaining trees on a commercial or business property should be hassle free and serve to bring value to your organization. Allow American Tree's professional arborists to evaluate and mountain your investments.

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