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  • Water only when air temperatures are above 40 degrees F.

  • Apply water at mid-day so it will have time to soak in before possible freezing at night.

  • Water is the best treatment to prevent turf injury

  • Monitor weather conditions and water during extended dry periods without snow cover, one to three times per month.

  • Trees obtain water best when it is allowed to soak into the soil slowly to a depth of 12 inches.

  • Methods of watering trees include sprinklers, deep-root forks or needles, soak hose, or soft spray wands.

  • Apply water to many locations under the dripline and beyond if possible.

  • If you use a deep-root fork or needle, insert no deeper than 8 inches into the soil.

  • As a general survival rule, apply 10-20 gallons of water for each diameter inch of the tree.

  • Newly planted shrubs require more water than established shrubs that have been planted for at least one year.

  • Winter watering should be done from October through March.

  • Apply 5 gallons two times per month for a newly planted shrubs.

  • Small established shrubs ( less than 3 feet ) should receive 5 gallons monthly.

  • Large established shrubs ( more than 6 feet ) require 18 gallons on a monthly basis.

  • Decrease amounts to account for precipitation.


Read more published information from Colorado State University Here or direct at the link below.

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