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Deep Root Fertilization for Trees and Shrubs

The Denver Metro Area naturally lacks abundant deposits of rich soils that are necessary to provide adequate plant nutrition. In most situations, deciduous trees and ornamental shrubs planted in a landscape environment are growing in poor soil.

American Tree fertilizes your trees and shrubs with the proper amount of fertilizer directly into the root zone using deep root feeders.

We use only high quality, low salt, slow-release, balanced fertilizer with Humic for soil health.

One application will feed your trees and shrubs for an entire year. We offer this service as a maintenance program to enhance plant health and vigor and will come out yearly to fertilize.


Trees and Shrubs lacking in fertility:

  • Loss of foliage

  • Have poor color

  • Have slow growth and spindly growth in the crown

  • Result in high death loss of young trees

  • Exhibit increased insect activity ( bores, aphids, etc.)

  • Suffer from an increase of diseases, especially needle blight on evergreens and cankers on deciduous trees

  • Have low fruit production in fruit trees

  • Are prone to freeze damage

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Microinjection Disease and Insect Treatment

American Tree offers microinjection services for the control of internal or boring insects, as well as particular tree diseases. 

Many types of tree diseases, including Fire Blight are better treated by direct injection of antibiotics through small holes drilled into the base of the tree.

Other uses of microinjection include treatment of boring insects such as certain beetles and moths. these insects are more likely to attack trees and shrubs that have damaged or diseased bark due to diseases or improper watering.

Microinjections may be used in combination of other spraying and fertilization techniques that are best diagnosed our professionals.

Contact us for an overall assessment of the health of your trees and shrubs.

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