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Why is Professional Tree Care Necessary?

Pruning Trees and Shrubs for Health and Appearance

For the Safety of Trees and Nearby Structures and Power Lines

Clean-up and Haul-off

Insect Disease Control

By removing dead, damaged, and diseased branches, insects and diseases will be unable to enter the tree. Thinning the top or Canopy allows sunshine and air to reach all sections of the tree and reduces moisture buildup.

Suckers and weak wood must be removed to provide food and water to the roots. Crossing branches must be removed to avoid rubbing damage.

Tree Pruning

Professional pruning can securely remove a tree from a house, power lines, or other structures without endangering those structures or the people who live in them. Branches can be quite heavy and unpredictable in their growth. Allow specialists to complete the task swiftly and safely by utilizing the necessary tools and skills.

Tree Trimming

The majority of the work involved in pruning is debris management. American Tree can grind branches into mulch for your use or recycling. Additionally, we can split branches into firewood  for you or another customer

Maintain The Value of Your Home

Liability or Maintenance


Tree Care
Tree & Shrubs Care
Affordable Tree Service Near me

Dead or decaying trees and bushes can be a significant issue in an otherwise healthy yard. Even one neglected tree might be an eyesore on your investment property

Additionally, trees and shrubs may need to be removed owing to liability or maintenance concerns, as well as for remodeling or other reasons. You may rest certain that our arborists will attend to your needs promptly, allowing you to continue working on other aspects of your property. Regardless of the reason, we are prepared to take on the assignment. Contact us today! 

During Colorado's frequent wind and snow storms, branches from dead and dying trees can fall. the entire tree may potentially fall, causing damage to roofs, automobiles and other valuable property. Dead and dying trees and bushes are a fire threat, particularly if they are located near a house or other structure.

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