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Mountain Pine Beetle Prevention Spraying

Mountain Pine Beetle

What is a Mountain Pine Beetle?

Colorado Mountain Pine Beetles primarily develop in pines such as lodgepole, ponderosa, Scotch and limber pines, and less commonly affect bristlecone and pinon pines.

Popcorn-shaped masses of resin, called pitch-tubes, which may be brown, pink or white in color, will be found on the trunk where the beetle began tunneling. Boring dust may be found in bark crevices or on the ground immediately adjacent to the tree base.

Evidence of woodpeckers feeding on the trunk may indicate MPB infestation.

Patches of bark may be missing where the woodpecker was feeding, and bark flakes may be found on the ground below the tree.


These symptoms are similar to the ips beetle, so be sure to properly identify the beetles you find associated with your tree before deciding on treatment." -Colorado State University

American Tree has been fighting the Mountain Pine Beetle battle for almost a decade and has saved countless trees from these incredible deadly insects.

Using top of the line equipment and an experienced team, American Tree fights these insects by the best means available, soaking each individual tree with insecticide to prevent them from boring into the tree.

Many years of professional service gives American Tree the advantage of knowing when and how these beetles attack trees and allows us to prevent the huge cost of having to remove and replant priceless trees and even whole forest.

By using equipment that can soak up to 80 feet high, no job is too big. 

Mountain Pine Beetle Spraying should be done between the middle of March until the beetles fly, which is usually usually around the beginning to the middle of July.


Properly sprayed trees during these trees during these months will not be attacked by the beetle; they will simply find another tree that has not been sprayed.

We are highly trained and reputable in the prevention of Mountain Pine Beetle spread and we can provide a free estimate when you contact us with your project details!

We can handle any sized spraying job

With equipment that will spray and soak up to 80 feet high, we are prepared to handle any job, big or small.

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